Design Desk Computer Workshops

Design Desk has been offering computer workshops and customized training sessions for over twenty years. Our computer lab is located in the Gaithersburg Rockville area of Maryland. View Directions

Monthly computer classroom workshops are available in: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, and Adobe Photoshop. For more information click on the Adobe application icon. Refer to the Workshops page for general information regarding the workshops, or refer to a general topic areas such as Page Design, Web Design or Photoshop. If you know when you would like to take your training go to Schedule or Calendar-at-a-Glance and click on the workshop name.

Photoshop Workshops

Design Desk Adobe Photoshop classes are broken down into two different categories, so that you are grouped with people who have similar interest and your training can be more geared toward your job tasks. The two workshops are: Photoshop for Web Graphics, Photoshop with Digital Cameras and for Photographers.


Customized training seminars can be scheduled on each of Design Desk specific workshop applications, or specific topics such as scanning techniques, creating graphics for the web, or storing and editing digital images.

On-site Training

An on-site training workshop would be where the instructor would come to your company location and each students would have their own computer for the training.


Several of our students are professional photographers, and choose on-site training for individualized customized training. Design Desk then becomes a resource as a consultant for their photographic projects.